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About Us:

The Networkers is the official training & recruiting arm of Business Strategist & Custodians and its sister company Bueths & Kurt CDA - both of which are subsidiaries of Blue Kite Holdings Limitied. Through The Networkers,  we are able to offer a wide range of flexible working and earning opportunities for talented individuals at different stages of their careers without disrupting their vocational path. From internship to mentorship programs, The Networkers has been tailored to adhere to all our human resource functions such that we attract, retain and motivate the best talent in the region - a key ingredient that goes into building our exceptional teams of consultants.

Our Programs:

In order to maintain our excellence & performance standards, The Networkers is dependent on the quality of our training & recruitment exercises. Further, to make it seamless to explore our many options, we have partnered with The Afrijob Network which ensures we have a global reach to some of the leading institutions & organizations in the world over.

1. For Trainees:
Through our Summer & Winter Consultancy Training Program (CTP) we are able to give aspiring consultants exposure to our processes, deep industry knowledge & arming them with what it takes to work in a fast-paced environment. The six (6) months long program is designed to ensure our consultants fully understand how to optimize the opportunities of the times on completion. At the end of the program, opportunities vary from advancement to Consultant role under one of the Blue Kite Holdings subsidiary companies, joining our Freelance Pool or lateral moves to other fast-growing start-ups in the region that have partnered with The Afrijob Network.

The program is ideal for penultimate, intern or fresh graduate students with studies in; finance, information technology, intellectual property law, tax law, public relations, international relations or organizational design & management.

Open Applications:
Winter 2021 Consultancy Training Program:
Application Deadline: November 30th 2020
Location: Kilifi & Nairobi County - Kenya

2. For Trainers:
In addition, we give foreigners who are early in their careers an opportunity to work as trainers. The experience gives them a chance to showcase their ability, challenge their insights & interact with some of the most brilliant minds in the region for one (1) month. Even more importantly, they get an opportunity to immerse themselves in our culture and sites by way of the program traditionally being hosted in Kilifi, Kilifi County. The coastal town is a rich cultural hub potent with; Swahili culture, diverse marine & unique wildlife. The inclusive immersion safaris have been especially popular with foreign trainers.

The program is ideal for graduate or Masters students with studies in; finance, information technology, intellectual property or organizational design & management.

For candidates applying to train our staff, we have a preference for candidates who have been directed to us by The Afrijob Network. Ideal candidates should have the patience to teach,  an interest in emerging market economies & a previous noteworthy immersive experience of any related culture by way of travel or language.

Open Applications:
Winter 2021 Program for Trainer Recruitment:
Application Deadline: October 30th 2020
Location: Kilifi County - Kenya

Getting Started:

In order to apply, create a member account on The Networkers platform & proceed to join your respective pool of interest. For example, if you are applying as a trainee - join the CTP Pool & if you are joining as a trainer - join the corresponding PTR Pool. Submit your application portfolio and resume to the instructed platform and await confirmation.

Kindly ensure that you include a link to your LinkedIn account & your email for official contact when submitting your application or risk being overlooked.


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